Every product is designed and made with you, and how you will use it, in mind. Wild Concrete pieces are a stone, and just like any other stone, they need some care. Concrete is porous and absorbs everything. However, all concrete pieces have been sealed with a water-based, nontoxic protective sealer. Note: lemon juice, berries, red wine, and oily foods may stain.

Here are some tips for giving your Wild Concrete a long and happy life in your home. These products are not microwaved safe. Here are some tips giving your Wild Concrete a long and happy life.


I recommend that you clean up spills as they happen. The longer you leave a stain, the more chance of unwanted marks.Hand-wash thoroughly with warm soapy water. Do not leave soaking in water, as this may reduce the longevity of the item. Do not place in the dishwasher. 


Towel and air dry concrete (it takes 2-3 hours air dry).
When you reuse the piece make sure it is completely dry.  


Coat the piece with a thin layer of soy wax or beeswax once a month if washed regularly. 
It will help to keep the colours vivid throughout the years.
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